Official Lyrics:

Its Wallie World
This shit takes me back man
Im on my tupac flow
Respect women but fuck these hoes
My mind’s in main control
but sometimes that’s impossible
Youtube showed me Hip Hops soul
And tupac taught me the blunts i roll
Real shit that’s just how i know
I got somewhere better to go
I treat ladies like ladies
but no love for these bitches
Its different
Bitches are trifling
A good girl aint submissive
Gotta roll my sticky icky just to be my Mrs.
I smoke em’ all in double digits
My Marijuana
Just Vibe With Me
Just Vibe With Me Baby Just Vibe With me

Can you feel it? I can feel it…

And let the beat Slowly ride
Sticky Icky Sticky Icky
I’m not picky but i need thee
Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme
I need Mary I found Mary
Mary Mary
Quite Contrary
How I love your three doors down
Pass me back my Mary Mary
Make my Mary go round and round
Gimme back my Fucking Mary I don’t need sobriety
We all love good stories
Like Us the Enigma of Society
I’m lost in a pile of smoke patterns that make a fucking maze
Jimmy Hendrix Steezin’ With Me Floating in that Purple Haze
I love Mary You love Mary
We send Mary round and round
I kiss Mary
We all Kiss Mary
Ashes Ashes we all fall down
Mary can’t solve all my problems
But I swear she does her best
She runs the streets with us at night
Without real causes to protest
Liquor bottles thrown out windows
To remember the ones we trust (We Miss You Baby)
Friday night we drive by bitches
Asking if they down to cut
Said that Mary wants a threesome
Oh now you wanna really fuck?
She smelling Mary Kissing Mary
Begging for that sticky stuff
Mary Mary
Quite Contrary
Bitches really know whats up
Now I’m sweating Mary Mary
Pass Another Double Cup
Pass Another Double Cup
Pass Another Double Cup…

Geeked Geeked
Mary Mary
Round and Round the burning tree
If i got Mary, We all got Mary
Who here wants sobriety?
Mary Mary
Green Ol’ Mary
Burn My Baby Burn
She like a perfect positioned stop light you cant leave till’ you get your turn
Give me back my fucking Mary
My Mary Jane
My Mary Jane
My Ganja

We got this shit on repeat…